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Enjoying the splendour of The Chelsea Flower Show
Beautiful displays in the Grand Pavilion

Would you like to make 2020 an unforgettable year with the former British Embassy Gardening Advisor Las Yates? In 2020, Chelsea Flower Show Homestay Tour offered by us, the UK Homestay, will guide you to various places as your guide.

Russ looks forward to sharing a variety of gardening and travel knowledge with you. He has guided customers for many years on Chelsea Flower Shows and trips to the Cotswolds. We will guide you based on information gained through extensive experience.

Gold medal winning Chelsea gardens.
Taking time out at Chelsea

この特別ホームステイパッケージは、イングリッシュガーデン愛好家にとって最適のプランです。世界的に有名なチェルシーフラワーショーの中でも大人気の、 メンバーデー初日 にガイド付きで参加できるのが一番の醍醐味です。


Beautiful small garden displays
David Austin Roses display

ホームステイ滞在中には、コッツウォルズへの小旅行も体験できます。 この小旅行では、 コッツウォルズエリアでも最も有名な ヒドコート・マナーと、キフツゲート・コートの、二つの美しいガーデンを訪問します。

Hidcote Manor in the spring
Spring border at Hidcote Manor

ツアーのグループは  最大3名 まで。小グループで周ることにより、よりプライベートで、リラックスした環境をお約束できます。 大きなツアーグループでは実現できない、フレキシブルな動きが小グループの最大の魅力です。

Japanese garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara with his gold medal
The Great Pavilion


Displays outside the shops in Chelsea in Bloom
Chelsea in Bloom shop display

ショーの後は、お花のファンにはたまらない、チェルシー・イン・ブルームへの訪問をします。 スローンスクエアエリアは、この時期、お花の色彩と香りに包まれ、一番美しい時期です。

イブニングには、ホームステイ先である私達のコテージに戻ります。 くつろぎの空間で、フィッシュ&チップスをお召し上がりください。

Discussing plants in the owner's garden.
Colourful spring private gardens

ホームステイ先は、ゆったりとしたカントリーサイドの家。フラワーショーでのガイドを務めるラスと、妻のパトリシア宅です。南リンカンシャーの可愛いビレッジ、スキリントンに位置しています。 ここは、ノッティンガムシャー、レスターシャーや、趣の深いラットランドに近く、エキサイティングなロンドンとは対照的な、静かでゆったりとした地域です。滞在中は、地域の有機栽培の食材をふんだんに使ったヘルシーなホームメイドの食事を毎日お楽しみ頂けます。

また、普通のツアーではまず実現できない、ローカルのガーデンにも 2 件訪問ができます。 ガーデンのオーナーさんとお話をしながら、一緒に紅茶を楽しみましょう。

Spring blossom at Barnsdale garden.
The majestic Chatsworth House and garden

37個の小さなガーデンから成り立つ、 バーンズデールガーデンズへの訪問もツアーの一つ。 楽しく、カラフルなガーデンで、何か新しい素敵なアイディアが見つかるはずです。

広く壮大な、チャッツワースハウスとそのガーデンへの訪問で、その対比をお楽しみください。 この宮殿のような大きな家とガーデンは、イングランドでも最高級の一つと言われています。 多くのテレビドラマや映画の舞台になったのもうなずけます。

Cricket outside Belton House
Bluebells at Belton


Having fun at Chelsea
Enjoying the Chelsea Flower Show


Chelsea Flower Show Homestay Tour Dates: May 14-20, 2020

  Tour highlights:

  • Small group of up to 3 people
  • Tour guide by the garden adviser of the former British Embassy in Japan
  • On May 19, admission to the Chelsea Flower Show on the first day of the member's ticket
  • Chelsea in Bloom Experience Enjoy Creative Flower Design
  • Visit to the Cotswolds
  • Countryside life. Comfortable stay in a friendly homestay
  • Private bathroom available
  • Home made delicious food
  • Visit to a local pub
  • Provide all meals and snacks during your stay
  • Visit to the beautiful garden and the magnificent country house
  • Visit to a privately owned garden and spend time with the garden owner

Chelsea Flower Show Homestay Price: 1499.00 GBP (each person)


Thursday, May 14

Afternoon: Arrival at homestay

Welcome from host family Introduction to Skillington Village on the beautiful countryside of England


Friday, May 15

Morning: Private garden visit

Visit a private garden and enjoy tea time with the garden owner.


Afternoon: Berton House and Garden

After enjoying afternoon tea, visit Berton House, a famous 17th-century English villa. This is also a favorite place for many years by the British Royal Family. Once you step in, not only the beautiful interiors, but also the paintings and furniture are astonishing. The garden, restored to the shape of the 19th century George II, is another pleasure.


May 16 (Sat)

Morning: Free time

Relax in the spacious garden or house. Take a walk around the village or around. If you wish, watch the Prince's wedding television broadcast together. After that, enjoy homemade special afternoon tea.


Afternoon: Bairnsdale Garden

First visit the Bairnsdale Garden, which was created for 17 years under the program “World of Gardeners” of the national television broadcast BBC. The garden has 37 small gardens of various styles suitable for all seasons, and is designed to be visited anytime. It will be helpful for your garden



May 17 (Sun)

All day:

Chatsworth House and Garden

Visit the magnificent Chatsworth House, also called the “Palace at the Top”. Known as an aristocratic palace, it is famous for its beautiful exteriors and interiors, as well as a collection of fine art in Europe.

In addition, this place is used as a film location for movie arrogance and prejudice.

In the afternoon, stroll through the garden. Enjoy designs made by renowned English garden designers for centuries.

A wonderful example of landscape design designed by the famous Lancelot “Capability” Brown.

You can also find high quality items in the gift shop.


Monday, May 18

Full day: Visit to the Cotswolds

Explore the Hidcote Manor Garden, designed in Arts and Crafts style. The more you enter, the more amazing discovery of this garden surrounded by flowers. And if you are interested in gardening, this garden is one of the most influential gardens in England. There must be something discovered.

After the picnic lunch, go to Kifutsu Gate Court Garden. The soft and feminine garden was inspired by three generations of female gardeners. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Cotswolds and these gardens.



May 19 (Tue)

All day: Chelsea Flower Show

For those interested in gardening, it's no exaggeration to say that attending the Chelsea Flower Show is essential.

The Chelsea Flower Show is the best gardening show in the world, where you can see the finest level of horticulture and design.

A special show that all visitors can enjoy. You'll be amazed by the abundance of show gardens, large tents full of flowers (marquees), and various horticultural goods that you can purchase. Take a stroll through the flowers of the Chelsea area called the Chelsea Imbloom. Then return to Skillington's homestay and relax at the end of a memorable tour.


May 20 (Wed)

Morning: Depart from your homestay for your next destination


Click here to see images from our Chelsea Flower Show Homestay.