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Stunning shop front floral displays

Chelsea in Bloom

One of the often missed experiences of visiting the Chelsea Flower Show is the Chelsea in Bloom floral art competition. For many people who visit the Show they overlook this event, but we hope to introduce you to the many wonderful floral sights in Sloane Square and the immediate vicinity during the world-famous gardening show.

Office displays

Chelsea in Bloom is a stunning floral extravaganza. During The Chelsea Flower Show, the streets around Chelsea are transformed by superb floral displays. With more and more shops, restaurants and hotels taking part this event is going from strength to strength since beginning 13 years ago.

Floral decorations in stores

Each year a theme is chosen. Last year was ‘Floral Safari’, which saw many wonderful displays based on animals and their environment. This year’s theme is ‘Summer of Love’ which is inspired by the Royal Wedding and the cultural revolution of the 1960’s/70’s.

M take part in Chelsea in Bloom.

Each retailer taking part will design their floral displays with their own individual interpretation of this theme. A panel of expert judges will vote for the ‘Best Floral Display’ based on creativity, use of fresh flowers and displays that compliments the theme. As well as the award given for ‘Best Floral Display’ there are awards of ‘Highly Commended’ and ‘Innovation.’ There is also a ‘People’s Champions Award’ which is voted for by visitors to the area.

Display in the Safari theme.

Make your way to Sloane Square to get more information and a map showing where the displays are or book a rickshaw ride around the area and enjoy the fantastic displays in comfort. Details can also be found at www.chelseainbloom.co.uk.

take a ride on a Rickshaw around Chelsea

If you would like a combination of visits to the Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea in Bloom and many other gardens then please check out our Chelsea Flower Show Homestay.

Crazy displays during Chelsea in Bloom

The Great Pavilion

When does the Chelsea Flower Show happen? | Homestay England

The world-famous Chelsea Flower Show is held every May in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the home of the Chelsea Pensioners. It is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (R.H.S.) The Show has been held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea since 1913 with just a few breaks during the First & Second World Wars.

Chelsea Pensioners at the Show

This year’s Show will run from Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th May. The members of the press visit the Show on Monday 21st May. At 3pm on Monday Chelsea’s most famous visitor, Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family attend the show. The Royal Family have a long history with The Chelsea Flower Show since Queen Alexandra opened the very first one.

Beautiful rose blooms in the Great Pavilion

The Tuesday and Wednesday tickets are for Royal Horticultural Society members only and are sold out very quickly. This is when the Show Gardens and floral exhibits in the Great Pavilion are at their best. Travel companies offer visits to the Show on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of tour packages, ideal if you want to see the Chelsea Flower Show on either day.

For people who do not wish to visit the Show on Member’s Day, the Show is open from Thursday to Saturday to the General Public.  Having taken small groups to the Chelsea Flower Show for many years I am amazed at the level of expertise on show. The Show Gardens are the stars of the Show, with the designers working towards getting a Gold Medal.

There are 3 categories of Show Gardens.

*The Artisan Gardens,
*Space to Grow Gardens
*Show Gardens

The Artisan Gardens

These small gardens use traditional designs, crafts and materials with a modern interpretation.

Beautiful Artisan Garden

Space to Grow Gardens

This category promotes the current trends, the latest in horticulture and technology in a compact area.

Show Gardens

The Show Gardens demonstrate the very best in design and horticulture. With a large area to fill the designer and his team can create a garden masterpiece of innovative design and floral mastery. The level of skill and expertise is incredible, especially as many of the flowers are blooming out of their natural time.

Chelsea Show Gardens

A Flower Show would not be complete without a beautiful variety of flowers so there are two places where they can be enjoyed in their splendour.

Floristry & Floral Design

This is a competition open to individual floral designers or flower arranging clubs. There are two competitions to win. The RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the Year and the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year. The earlier that you visit the Show the better the floral designs will look.

Stunning flower arrangements

The Great Pavilion

Perhaps the most impressive building at Chelsea is the Great Pavilion. This is where the plant growers display their existing and new plants. There is a real variety on show from highly floral exhibits to cactus to potatoes!

The colour and aroma hit your senses as soon as you walk through the door. Allow plenty of time to look around the Pavilion. Chat to the nursery staff, make notes about what you want for your garden or place orders at the Show.

Delightful perfumed rose exhibition stand

Finally, there are 100’s of companies promoting their horticultural related goods throughout the Show, so a full day at Chelsea allows you to see all that is on offer.

I always say that “Every gardener should visit The Chelsea Flower Show at least once in their lifetime.” Why not make 2018 your year and be sure to marvel at what is on offer at the greatest flower show on earth!

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Poinsettia’s Everywhere!

A familiar sight in British homes throughout the Christmas period is the potted Poinsettia. Many people do not realise that Poinsettia is a member of the Euphorbia family but one cut of the stem reveals the milky sap that Euphorbia’s contain.

Poinsettias are no doubt the most popular plants to grow at Christmas. Poinsettia were discovered in Mexico in the 19th Century where they grow to a maximum height of 3.5 metres in the wild.

Wild poinsettia

Many people believe that the coloured bracts are the flowers. Bracts are actually the leaves that colour up in shades of yellow, cream, salmon, pink and the traditional red. The flowers are small and yellow and can be seen in the centre of the plant. By looking at these flowers you can tell if the poinsettia is worth buying. If the flowers are closed in tight then the plant is in good condition. If they are open or soft then the plant is starting to die.

Yellow poinsettia flowers

So what makes the bracts start to colour up? This happens when the temperature drops and the daylight gets shorter. This is fine in the wild but these conditions must be imitated for growing the small plants that adorn many shops just before Christmas.

Many people find that Poinsettias are difficult to keep alive. Poinsettias need warm temperatures during the winter. Do not place them near heaters, or too close to windows and keep out of draughts. Give them plenty of light but not direct sunlight.

The cause of death for many poinsettias is over watering. Wait until the top of the compost surface starts to dry out before watering again. Do not leave any water standing in the saucer as they do not like standing in the wet, cold compost.

Poinsettia basket

If you follow the above rules then you should be able to enjoy your poinsettias for many months over the winter. If you don’t then you can always enjoy the numerous Poinsettia products on sale like this Poinsettia tablecloth of ours.

Poinsettia tablecloth

The Christmas Build Up Begins!

Join us for the build up for Christmas -Advent!

The period of Advent starts tomorrow on December 1st. Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas Day when Christians prepare and remember the birth of Jesus on December 25th.

For people who do not go to church Advent is an exciting time of year when they enjoy making preparations for the build up to Christmas.

Join us on our blog as we enjoy the fun of Advent this Christmas!




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SAS (デンマーク、コペンハーゲン経由)

ANA (ベルギー、ブリュッセル経由)

Emirates Airlines (アラブ首長国連邦、ドバイ経由)


バーミンガム空港からの場合は、ローカル線の電車を使って、 Melton Mowbrayへのアクセスが簡単です。また、タクシーの場合も、ロンドンヒースロー空港より、距離が短くなるので、おススメです。








Latest Publication in Engei Guide


We are so excited about our homestay being published in Shufunotomo’s ‘Engei Guide.’
Thanks go to our good friend Nori who wrote the article and her husband Tats who took the wonderful photographs.
Hopefully this will encourage more people to visit England next year, especially as 2016 is the Year of the English Garden.


The Build Up to The Chelsea Flower Show 2015


It is one week today until the gates will open for the first member’s day of the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. In the build up to the show each day we look at the show gardens and gardening fashion items that wowed visitors last year.

We start with two of my personal favourite large show garden of last year, the Help for Heroes charity ‘Hope on the Horizon’ garden. Although only winning Silver-Gilt, the garden designed by first time Chelsea designer Matt Keightley was voted as the People’s Choice Show Garden.


The designer’s brother was fighting in Afghanistan and he was only too aware of the sacrifice and heartache that this could bring to military families. The garden was designed to represent the journey of recovery for injured and sick servicemen and women. The garden starts with a rough, unfinished area and is finished with a beautiful structured and planted area at the end of the journey. The hard, grey granite blocks represented the soldiers’ physical wellbeing, while the woodland planting beneath the tall hornbeam trees represented their psychological wellbeing.


The dark granite blocks were softened by beautiful subtle coloured planting of green, purple, pink and white plants. Tall architectural foxgloves (Digitalis) add height and accent to the garden while the underplanting is magnificently textured. This garden definitely deserved the People’s Choice Award and I look forward to seeing his garden this year…Sentebale-Hope in Vulnerability.

Look out for another show garden tomorrow or perhaps join us on our 2016 Chelsea Flower Show Homestay Tour.